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LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant matchups

We decided to have the battle bewtween LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant from a kicks perspective. Whose sneaker history is better and get the most meaningful achievements? Let us check out the matchups below:

1):Kevin Durant’s Rookie of the Year – Nike KD 1

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR Kevin Durant’s Rookie of the Year. Although there are many fans in Pacific Northwest, and later came about as part of KD’s Career Pack, KD spent his first season (2007-08). The Nike KD1 never wore this colorway acturaly on the original sneaker scheme.

2):LeBron’s Youngest Rookie of the Year – LeBron 1 Air Zoom

The LeBron 1 Air Zoom is a legend,The Generation ‘First Game’ was debuted on January, 2003, and assume the King’s kicks are on the way.


KD’s First Year on the Warriors – KD IX ‘Warriors’
Nike dressed the Warriors’ colorway to celebrate KD’s and move this Colorway to the Bay Area Evil Empire. It’s so cazy for the sneaker of the NBA offseason.

4):LeBron’s First Year on the Heat – Air Max Lebron 8 VIII Miami Heat

Bron was taking the LeBron James machine and dressing in the new kicks in new colorways for his new scheme in 2010. For this design he has never went on win seven rings in South Beach, but he had his share of memorable sneakers.


LeBron Wins First Championship – LeBron Elite/White
This shoe is scheduled to release on December, 2012. This collecection is cleaner than the board of the health. This model with much hype and criticism of the people, but James solidified his place among NBA royalty in these kicks.


This is another example of a shoe for the young boy, it can go from hardwood to chilling on the block and shoot 70 percent in Game 5 druing the 2016 -17 NBA Finals.

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