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Combination of sport and art

The combination of sport and art always brings us great surprise. The contrast of fashion and culture allows us to enjoy both the modern beauty of sneaker and traditional charm of art. Now let’s enjoy some of the sneaker artworks.

The American artist Matthew Senna, inspired by Air Jordan Retro, bring us a series of cupreous sculpture. It is a special experience to see those Air Jordan showing in a metallic statuary look. These sculptures not only have the sneaker look, but also contain metallic style. Although made of copper, these Air Jordan seem soft to touch. It is why these metallic Air Jordan are extremely expensive, being sold with a price of about 2250 dollars.

In addition to the metallic Air Jordan, we have the Chinese artist LiChun bringing us Adidas Ultra Boost made of ceramics. Every pair of Li’s ceramic sneaker is inspired by the sports events hold around the world and contain the local cultural characteristic. Unfortunately, those ceramic Adidas Ultra Boost will not be available to us. It will only showed on the sports event as a gift to the event organizer.

It would be difficult for you to get one of those artworks. But you could look at the detail pictures below and enjoy those beautiful works.